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Smoke Herbal Incense

Many who are new to the legal incense smoke phenomenon ask about how to smoke incense. Often this is after seeing the "Not for human consumption" label on the package. The safe way to burn the kind of incenses you smoke while still getting your legal high from it is as follows:

  • 1. Pick a nice, safe container to smoke herbal incense in. This may be an metal incense burner, a ceramic cooking dish, or even a metal pan. Avoid using glass, even glass baking pans, as the direct application of red-hot charcoals may cause it to shatter.
  • 2. Layer a nice bit of sand in the bottom of the container to smoke herbal incense in. This will help spread the heat evenly when you begin burning charcoal in it.
  • 3. The next step in how to smoke incense is pretty much like lighting a barbeque: set the charcoals on fire. Watch to make sure the coal is really on fire, which you'll know by when it turns a nice glowing red.
  • 4. Now, sprinkle the smoke incense herbal product over the red-hot charcoal and watch the smoke begin to come up. The key to absorbing enough of the charcoal to produce a legal high is making sure that you and the smoke are in a fairly limited space.

And that's about all there is to know about how to smoke incense. You may be thinking, "Wow. Is this what people who want to find legal highs in USA are reduced to? Smoking barbeque charcoals?" No, no, you've missed the point. Barbeque charcoal isn't one of the kind of incenses you smoke; it's finding the correct kind of smoke incense herbal derivatives that produce legal highs.

Although there are lots of different smoke incense herbal vendors, all of the most popular legal incense smoke brands can be found online. Legal highs in USA are definitely still alive and kicking, as evidenced by the fact that all of our smoke incense herbal products are 100% legal and safe in the United States. And more and more people are becoming interested in finding out how to smoke incense as the negative health effects of other legal highs like tobacco and alcohol become more apparent.

In fact, a lot of people use incense smoke as a sort of in-between step for quitting tobacco. The habit of holding something in your hands and smoking it dies hard, and it helps to at least be able to maintain habits you've gotten used to even if the fangs have been removed from the cobra. So, substituting herbal smoke for tobacco cigarettes helps many people satisfy the need to smoke and relax, while weaning them off of a nicotine addiction.

Other folks, many of whom were formerly "midnight tokers," find that smoking incense satisfies the need to unwind at the end of the day without the "what-happens-if-I'm-caught" edge. Whatever the reason, people choose to smoke incense, they are generally satisfied with the result.

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Smoke Herbal Incense


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