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ATTENTION: Some Incense Smokable Herbal Products contain prohibited chemicals, herbs and entheogens in their ingredients resulting in a product that is not legal in US States or Canada. This is not the case with the Incense Herbal Smoking Blends from the Legal Herbal Smoke Shop we recommend. All of the products from our recommended legal smoker sites are permitted by law and are free from dangerous, and illegal elements and can be freely purchased by any USA or Canadian resident.

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Smoke Herbal Incense the Newest Smoking Trend

Smoking Herbal Incense

In its heyday during the late 60's and early '70's, marijuana was almost a legal high for its prevalence and availability. However, anyone with a little knowledge of U.S. law can tell you that the herb has been illegal since the '30's in the U.S.—and that's not likely to change anytime soon, unfortunately. Which is why teens and smoking enthusiasts everywhere are tending to smoke incense more and more instead of its illegal cousin. Herbal Incense smoke is 100% legal in all 50 states and much safer than marijuana besides, producing none of the side effects sometimes seen with an excess of THC in the human body.

Where Did Incense Smoking Come From?

Smoke Legal Incense Blend

The trend to smoke incense rather than other alternative began sometime in the early '80's when a Clemson University professor named John W. Huffman began experimenting with a new class of chemicals called cannabinoids. Similar in chemical structure to cannabis, some of these compounds exhibited similar symptoms in clinical trials for medical treatments with HIV patients and multiple sclerosis sufferers. Since THC has been shown to improve some areas of performance with these groups, professor Huffman reasoned that perhaps the synthetic versions of THC would also provide relief, without the undesirable side effect of THC.

Over the course of the next 20 years, Prof Huffman and his researchers discovered nearly 450 new compounds and named them. Each was tested and named in order of discovery: JWH-XXX. Upon publishing his results, freewheeling chemists in Europe began to copy the chemical formula for producing these synthetic cannabinoids in order to smoke incense with these substances added. Around 2002-3, these products entered the market with names like "K2" and "Spice," and were quickly imitated by numerous competitors with similar names. Soon authorities were all-a-twitter about the new incense smokes on the market, and attempt were made to outlaw these by outlawing some of the chemicals like JWH-018 and so on.

Cue the opening music for 2012. Incense smoke is still 100% legal and safe, federally approved and not going anywhere. The vendors who make incense to smoke have improved their product formulas drastically from the early days, so that these now include all-natural, organic plants and herbs that produce their high. In fact, if anything it is now easier to smoke incense than ever. The variety of incense smoking blends, oils, extracts, and specialty herbs has more than quadrupled since 2003, and smokers can now choose from among a host of websites that sell incense to smoke to get high.

Who Was the First Person To Smoke Incense?

Legal Herbal Incense

It's tough to identify where the tradition of incense smoking comes from. Middle Eastern smoking rituals date back at least 3,000 years, to the time of ancient Egypt and the Babylonian Empire. Various examples in literature, art, and clothing from that time period show people using sticks of incense to smoke to get high made of everything from cannabis to snake skins. Evidence in other societies, such as the Scythians, date use of cannabis as a sort of incense to smoke as far back as 2,500 years ago in Central Asia and the Middle East. But the oldest known people group to smoke incense as a form of cannabis absorption comes from India, where sacred texts such as the Atharva Veda mention "the five sacred plants" (presumed to be cannabis) no later than 1400 B.C.

Ancient Indians were the first ones to smoke incense as a way to get in touch with the shadowy spirit world—and they are one of the few places where the practice continues today. During religious festivals such as Holi and Shivrati, wandering ascetics known as sadhus smoke the various forms of cannabis (ganja, hashish, and bhang) as an offering to the goddess Shiva. But India is not the only place where marijuana use cannabis in a semi-legal capacity—places like Amsterdam in the Netherlands are well-known for their tolerance of the magic herb. What few people know, however, is that marijuana is still technically illegal even in the Netherlands—it's part of the requirements for international treaties the Dutch are part of—but it is tolerated in the "coffee shops" as a sort of compromise.

Even in the United States, medical marijuana is an example of semi-legal use of cannabis. Although sixteen U.S. states have passed medical marijuana laws, the federal government has not changed or altered the laws designating marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance. The resulting legal confusion has resulted in some interesting cases, to say the least. Federal authorities have broken in on handicapped and dying patients to "confiscate" their supply of medical marijuana—opening themselves up to criticism that government resources are being wasted on these sorts of "raids".

The Fully Legal Alternative: Smoke Incense

Incense Legal Smoke

In light of these ridiculous restrictions and enforcement of laws that don't make sense, it's no wonder that smoking aficionados are willing to try the new incense smokes. They are guaranteed to be all-natural and organic, and best of all they will not cause you to fail a drug test. This is an obvious selling point with anyone over the age of about 16, because if you want to get a job in the world today you've got to be able to pass a drug test. Or perhaps you are on probation and just need to get something to relax—but you know that smoking that joint will mean you probably go back to prison. The legal alternative that provides the opportunity to relax and unwind without fear of the horrible consequences that accompany a failed drug test is to simply smoke incense.

Whatever the reason, smoking incense is growing in popularity. Perhaps your biggest problem will be deciding which vendor and flavor to try first. Do you like blueberry? Grape? How about strawberry? Then there's the question of whether you want to try one of the derivatives like solid smokes and extracts or want to smoke incense in the form of plants and herbs au natural. We would suggest you try a little bit of each, until you find what works for you, but that's just us. Be sure to contact us and let us know what works for you!

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